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Little Wonder Hedge Trimmer Review

When looking for good hedge trimmers to buy, one needs to be extra careful as seldom trimmers actually live upto their claims. They turn out to be faulty or weak but Little Wonder Hedge trimmer is different as it actually does the work it’s made for. It is Double-sided and has a feature of reciprocating cutting action in a lightweight electric trimmer. It is one of the most precise and efficient trimmer available in the market. It’s Carbon steel blades…

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Nip it in the bud

Behaviourist Peter Neville sinks his teeth into his latest case: two kittens who won’t stop biting and scratching their poor owners! Tasha and her husband Justin had lately adopted two four-month-old female kittens named Prego and Saatchi, nevertheless they were in need of some prompt advice about teaching their now additions to be social, well-behaved cats — as, although they were special, these kittens were attacking hands and ankles!

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Undercover Cropping

February brings the tipping point between winter and early spring when the days become long enough and the sun strong enough to see plants undercover start to grow. It means serious sowing and planting can begin.

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What to do in Autumn

All the old canes of fall-fruiting raspberries like ‘Autumn Bliss’ and ‘Allgold’ can be cut down to ground level in fall and the region around them weeded, taking particular attention to remove perennial weeds. Burn or otherwise discard of the canes as they may be harbouring pests and diseases.

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