Pool Vacuum Head Cleaners are really vital for maintenance of your pool. The question now is “How to choose the best pool vacuum head?”

I know that at first look a good number of these Vacuum Heads are somewhat similar. But, with difference of sizes, design, bearings, ports and wheels it’ll affect on how and where to use the Vacuum Heads. Here are a few things to consider before picking out a Vacuum Head for your pool:

Size – Vacuums Heads differ in size specifically in their width. They range from 14 inches to 40 inches. In hindsight, the bigger the head the more surface are it could cover. But, with increase size it also increases its drag underwater. It’ll pretty much give you a workout if you picked a 40 inch Vacuum Head. That’s why it’s better to factor in the size of your pool before buying an oversized Vacuum Head for a decent size swimming pool.

Vacuum Head for a Pool Cleaner

Design – It’s also important to consider the design of the Vacuum Head you’re looking for. If your pool has a lot of curves and such it’s much better to pick out a Vacuum Head that has a triangular design rather than a rectangular design.

Bearings – Now, this is one of the most important components of a Vacuum Head. It’s responsible for reducing friction on the wheels underwater meaning, less friction=less drag, as you may know by now. Drag is your worst enemy while cleaning your pool.

Ports – Or the place where the vacuum hose attaches to. You should consider this as well since not all Vacuum Heads have the same size ports. The sizes range from 1.5 inches to 2 inches, if you already have a Vacuum hose then picking your next Vacuum would be a lot easier. If you don’t have an existing Vacuum Hose then you should consider getting a 1.5” hose since a lot of Vacuum Heads come with a 1.5” port.



Wheels – This is the final thing you should consider and arguably the most important. You should always consider the best wheels partnered with the best bearings since it will make you life a lot easier while cleaning your pool. Cheap wheels with cheap bearings mean you’d pretty much be giving yourself a workout. That’s why you should always consider them for maximum efficiency and ease.

Now that we have gone through the things we should consider. You know have the knowledge what kind of Vacuum Head to pick. But, if you’re still struggling to find the right Vacuum Head for your Pool Cleaner then I suggest these Vacuum Heads for you:

Hayward SP1068 – This Vacuum Head always received good reviews online and it’s for a good reason. With its triangular design its guaranteed to get dirt and debris from hard to reach places of your pool. It has three brush tools for maximum and thorough cleaning. It’s very durable and versatile.

ATIE Ocean Blue – This type of Vacuum Head is considered one of the best you could buy in the market. It’s a high performance Vacuum Head that works well in concrete and plaster pools. It has a ball bearing system that swivels effortlessly in any direction. It’s both durable and easy to use.