When looking for good hedge trimmers to buy, one needs to be extra careful as seldom trimmers actually live upto their claims. They turn out to be faulty or weak but Little Wonder Hedge trimmer is different as it actually does the work it’s made for. It is Double-sided and has a feature of reciprocating cutting action in a lightweight electric trimmer. It is one of the most precise and efficient trimmer available in the market. It’s Carbon steel blades can cut up to a huge range. It has Dual handle switches for added safety to make it secure and super heavy-duty. 


  • Fast, strong and precise: This product has a Blade length of about 24 in.It can go upto 2700 cuts per minute and has a total capacity of 1/2 inch cutting.Other specifications include 120v, 4.5 amp, and 462.33 watts. It cuts upto 20% more than other trimmers and is equipped with dual reciprocating blades for reduced vibration and heavier cuts. It also has safety features to prevent injury.
  • Stronger blades: Little wonders blades usually last longer and require less sharpening which is a great thing as sharpening tends to dull the shine. Their generally 10 times stronger than steel. It is a very dependable device and does the work for you. Since it has a 6/10 longer life expectancy than other blades, you can rely on it for a longer time than usual trimmers. It also comes with extra strong frame bar to use for a longer period of time.
  • Great cutting range: It can cut upto 1/2 inches of growth which is a great range for a trimmer. However, it is not messy or unclean as it keeps a clean cut at top speed no matter how thick the growth may be.
  • Low Noise level: this device has a total of 10dB sound reduction in volume pressure, the total noise that is releases into the surroundings is 8dB.



  • Efficient: Highly efficient and strong. It makes proper and clean cuts unlike other trimmers with messy cuts. Wide cutting range and can even cut excellently with thick growth.
  • Strength: The blades are so strong, you would be surprised by their strength. Completely durable and effective, they last a long time and do not lose their strength. Even after years, they will be as strong as new blades.
  • Powerful: an angled gear teeth transmitter for greater torque allows more power to be directly transferred from the motor to the blades.
  • Safe: Designed specifically to exceed all international safety standards. The safest electric trimmer for the use of gardening in your household.



  • Highly expensive as it costs about four hundred and ten dollars. However, keeping in mind the amazing features, the price is definitely worth it once you use it and experience the benefits for yourself. Another con is that it does not come with a Long warranty.

Conclusively, this electric hedge trimmer is undoubtedly the best trimmer available in the market. In the end, it is worth every dollar spent. It is reliable, safe and secure, come with extra strong blades, has exceptional working results and clean cuts with a great cutting speed. What more could one ask for in electric hedge trimmers? It is the first one of it’s kind and was specially made to be the best in the world.