Are you planning on getting yourself a new and cheap router or your budget has exceeded after getting to the router market? Although choosing a product that is less than 200 dollars might be so easy because there are more than enough models on sale – but we need a wood tool that can also perform a great job for our various wood projects.

You can actually get a wood router with a versatile performance in wood operations like mortising, dadoes and more with a product that is under $200 dollar.


This article reviews about 3 best wood routers which you can get for little money either you are a novice in wood workings or a professional:

Bosch PR20EVSK

The Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm Grip is a router with variable speed and edge guide. This is an inexpensive model that you can get with its wonderful features:


  • It features a 1.0 Horsepower and 5.6 AMP motor that allows the variable speed ranges from 16,000 to 35,000 RPM.
  • The soft-start allows you to reduce the force at the startup.
  • Micro-fine adjustment for the depth adjustment with a quick-clamp system for motor adjustment.
  • It has a Constant Response Circuitry that helps in monitoring and maintaining the speed under load, while it increases power when it detects over load or tough loads.
  • The handle of the router is in palm-shaped, rubberized and easy to grip for stability.
  • 1/4inch self-releasing collet, drop-forged collet, and wrenches for bit changes.
  • It is a corded-electric router with voltage about 120 volts and also comes with 1-year warranty.


The Porter-Cable 690LR Fixed Base Router with 1.4 Horsepower and 11 AMP motor is another one of the best routers under $200. It is a single speed model that is capable of generating up to 27,500 RPM. It features:

  • The motor power and the speed range of the Porter-Cable are capable for accurate cuts.
  • The Cam-lock lever that provides simple coarse height adjustment for stable and constant performance.
  • It includes auto-release collet system that makes the bit removal easy, a dust sealed switch for life guard and it has a precision-machined aluminum motor.
  • It features a handle that is comfortable that makes the user convenient during the jobs.
  • It has a case to keep the wrenches and bit chucks
  • It weighs about 9.4 pounds, a corded electric model, the voltage of 120 volts and it is endorsed with a 1-year


The Dewalt DWP611PK is another router that delivers a great job in wood sector. It is a compact tool with 1.25 Horsepower and 7.0 AMP motor variable-speed that gives the range of 16,000 to 27,000 RPM. Here are some of its features:

  • It is combo kit that features fixed base and plunge base while the motor provides the ability to work perfectly on tough woods.
  • It features a Dual LED light for clear visibility and a soft-start for maintaining start-up
  • For the fixed base, it has adjustment ring that allows controlling the bit depth changes up to 1/64inch, while the plunge base has fine-tuned adjustment rod for accurate depth changes.
  • Changing of the fixed base to plunge base is quick and easy, and clamp system that enables the motor to stay in position during the task.
  • It provides a convenient handle for the user that is over molded rubber grip for stability during operation.
  • Compact router, corded-electric and voltage of 120 volts. Warranty is assured.



These 3 products are top best wood routers, which also performs great jobs in any type of wood workings you may want to get into. And if you think you cannot get a router that is not expensive and that will give you a great performance in your wood carving, furniture, joinery or cabinetry – then these products are the right choice for you. For beginners, having a perfect wood router could be pleasurable. Therefore, they are the tools that are easy to use for both novices and professionals.